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Relationship Post!

: Dislike/Has never met/Neutral
: Standard/Acquaintance/People I talk to
: Friends/People I like to talk with
: Good friends/People I like to talk with a lot
: BFFs/Crush
: Family/Mutually like each other

The world is my friend~Collapse )

Last updated: 10/28/09
If I'm missing anyone please feel free to tell me! I'm very absent-minded, you know.


Crit Post

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Feel free to mention anything here!


67th Cookie

Hey hey everybody, I've got a lot of questions today!

Do you like adventures?
What about games?
And toys!
If you could have anything for a pet what would it be?
Do you know how to do magic?
Do you like cookies?
How many zeros does 100 billion have?
If dogs say woof and cats say meow then what do rabbits say?
How come different looking birds all have different names? Like pijons and crows. They're all still birds right?
Is there such thing as giant puppies?
Does anybody know where I can find a store that sells disguyses?
What about a store that sells teddy bears as big as me?

Thank you!

[[This may just possibly be a curse. The questionnaire one, maybe! Who knows? Not me.]]

66th Cookie [video]

[Hello! There are matches in this video. See Florian waving them around?...Okay so it's only one match but the box is probably lying somewhere nearby.]

Hey hey city people, d'you know how t' use this? I dunno how to make it work.

65th Cookie [video]

[You know how some guy said to go find dinosaur eggs or something? And how probably a bunch of people ran off to dinoland looking for them? Well Florian's not one of them! But he's out here anyway, equipped with a wooden practice sword and one of those plastic toy camouflage helmets. You know, like this.

Strangely enough, he's not doing too badly at moving quietly in this forest, but does that really make much of a difference?]

There's gotta be a good one somewhere...

64th Cookie [voice/action]

[Is it possible for a kid this little to be dirt broke? Apparently yes. Or maybe he's just pretending. Either way, guess who's playing beggar today! Feel free to find him digging in trash cans or pulling a wagon full of junk down the street. Because he's doing this like a real homeless person!!11]

Hey, hey, does anybody have free money?

63rd Cookie [voice]

Does anybody know how to make cupcakes cupcake-shaped? D'you need a special cupcake making thing for them?...Oh, maybe there's some in here somewhere! I forgot to look.

[There's some clanging. It sounds like he's in a kitchen.]

.......Maybe I'll just make cookies instead. They don't need cupcake cups, so you c'n make 'em really really big.

62nd Cookie [videaction]

[Somewhere in the City, on some nice little street corner somewhere, is a little boy and his bird. He's enthusiastically attempting to play a harmonica, his feathered friend singing along (though the bird probably sounds a lot better than all that noise), both without a care in the world.

There's a cardboard sign propped up nearby with an arrow and flowers and stars drawn on it. It's pointing at a rather empty-looking hat. Guess what Florian's doing today!]

Hey Mister Bird, let's go get cookies when we're done getting rich!

[[This is totally worth an early hiatus-break.]]

61st Cookie

Born one of many
Left only one
Now there aren't any
Which leaves us with none

60th Cookie [video]

[There is a huge amount of plants in this picture. Some may even look like the dangerous kind, the kind only a plant expert might recognize. If one looks closely, you might also realize they're covering toys and a bed and a ceiling lamp and--it seems this is someone's room! There's an empty space in the middle of this garden, though, and in it is Florian, wearing an outfit (unsurprisingly?) covered in flowers.

Looks like he's playing jump-rope with a sentient vine.]

Seven, eight, fifty-two...